Oriental white board

Outline:Decorative stone is architectural decorative stone, architectural decorative stone refers to the stone with sawing, polishing and other processing properties, as a decorative material on the building, including natural stone and artificial stone two categories.

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Oriental white marble physical and chemical inspection data table
Inspection item Unit of measurement Standard technical indexJC/T 202-2001 Inspection data Standard condition
Bulk density g/cm3 Not less than2.6 2.72 reach
Water absorption rate % Not more than0.75 0.14 more than
Bending strength MPa Not less than7.0 19.9 more than
Dry compression strength MPa Not less than20.0 108.9 more than
glossiness The degree of 90(superior) 100.7 more than
SiO2 %   0.17  
AL2O3 %   0.06  
CaO %   54.25  
MgO %   1.5  
TiO2 %   0.008  
Firing loss %   43.62  
Radium equivalent concentration Bq/kg Class A≦350 16 Class A product
Oriental white marbleTest list for radioactive elements
sampling Total strength(count) Uranium content(10-6) Thorium content(10-6) Potassium content(%)
background 13310 0.1 1.1 1.02
specimen 13926 0.1 1.2 1.04
Measurement results of r radiation exposure rate of Oriental white marble
Measuring item Measurement condition Exposure rate(u R/h)Mean value±Standard deviation conclusion
Oriental white marble 0.5 meters high from the brick surface 10.57±0.4 Can be directly used for all kinds of buildings indoor and outdoor decoration


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