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Oriental White Marble Physical and Chemical Inspection Data Sheet
Test items unit of measurement Standard technical indicatorsJC/T 202-2001 Inspection data Meet the standard
Bulk density g/cm3 not less than2.6 2.72 achieve
Water absorption % no greater than0.75 0.14 exceed
Bending strength MPa not less than7.0 19.9 exceed
Dry compression strength MPa not less than20.0 108.9 exceed
Gloss degree 90(excellent) 100.7 exceed
SiO2 %   0.17  
AL2O3 %   0.06  
CaO %   54.25  
MgO %   1.5  
TiO2 %   0.008  
Loss on ignition %   43.62  
Radium equivalent concentration Bq/kg Class A≦350 16 Class A products
Oriental white marble radioactive element test form
sampling Total intensity (count) Uranium content(10-6) Thorium content(10-6) Potassium content(%)
Background 13310 0.1 1.1 1.02
sample 13926 0.1 1.2 1.04
Measurement Results of Radiation Exposure Rate of Oriental White Marble
Measurement items Measurement conditions Exposure rate (u R/h) mean ± standard deviation in conclusion
Oriental white marble 0.5 meters high from the brick surface 10.57±0.4 Can be directly used for indoor and outdoor decoration of various buildings


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