Company Brand

东方白玉 · 白色传奇

Company Brand

Oriental White Jade · White Legend

The company has named its products "Oriental White" since 1995. At the same time, "Oriental White" as the company's exclusive trademark has been registered in the State Trademark Office.

Business Philosophy

Create Value For Customers, Create The Future For Employees, And Create Harmony For Society

Uphold The Principle

Run A Business Well, Live An Economy, And Become Rich

Dong Fang Bai

It has the characteristics of fine particles, high hardness, strong jade feeling, low water absorption, and good light transmittance. Its physical and chemical performance indicators meet or exceed national standards.


Dong Fang Hong Ma

Thick red, uniform black flowers, excellent physical and chemical performance indicators. The texture is hard and dense and the structure is uniform, with high strength and hardness second only to diamonds. Its weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and low water absorption make it a good material for construction.

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